El Camino Coffee artisan roasts coffee from around the world.  Coffee is roasted in Coffee County, Georgia (we didn’t plan it that way!) Our beans come from Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, and other regions around the world.  All coffees are grown on family farms in remote areas of the coffee belt. Once the fresh beans are received, they are roasted in small artisan coffee batches for peak flavor.  We roast our beans on a vintage Royal #5.

We start with fresh beans and roast them in a vintage coffee roaster for the perfect flavor


Our Story

After making our first trip to El Salvador in 2011 to help build churches, we fell in love with the people and the country. Each year, as we went back, we learned more about the people and the depressed economic conditions that hinder their ability to provide for their families. They are a family oriented, hardworking, and prideful people. We wanted to help more. We began roasting not only as a yearly fundraiser for mission trips but also as a way to support both missions and the economy in El Salvador at the same time. Coffee is one of the major crops grown in El Salvador and our love for coffee is almost as strong as our love for the people. Knowing that we would only be making a small impact, we still wanted to do something.
We got our start with coffee roasting as a way to raise money to help fund our mission trips. We enjoyed the roasting process and the search for sources of Salvadoran coffee almost as much as drinking it. An idea was born.

The Mission Team travelling to El Salvador in 2011 never dreamed they would begin a mission built on coffee. The team from Coffee County, Georgia (yes we really are from Coffee County!) left on mission to spread the news about Jesus Christ and help those in need.

During this journey, the team saw how they could help the small, struggling coffee farmers on another level. Help them sell their coffee beans! After returning from their mission trip, the group set out to start El Camino Coffee. As the business grew, more funding was returned directly to the families growing coffee.

El Salvador means “the savior” in Spanish. El Camino means “the way.” We believe that there is only one savior, Jesus Christ, and only one way to salvation, as we are told in John 14:6



Because our coffee is roasted fresh in the state of Georgia, we meet strict guidelines to be able to claim the Georgia Grown Company status.  

El Camino Coffee